india rubber

india rubber
noun old-fashioned
1 (U) rubber used for making toys, removing pencil marks etc: an india rubber ball
2 (C) BrE a piece of rubber used for removing pencil marks; eraser
indicate verb
1 FACTS (T) to show that a particular situation exists or that something is likely to be true: The survey results seem to indicate a connection between poor housing conditions and bad health. | indicate that: This indicates that rape is more widespread than people believe.
2 POINT AT (T) to direct someone's attention to something, for example by pointing: “She's the one I was telling you about,” whispered Toby, indicating a girl in a cheap cotton dress.
3 YOUR WISHES/INTENTIONS (T) to say or do something to make your wishes, intentions etc clear: The Russians have already indicated their willingness to co-operate. | indicate that: Ralph patted the sofa to indicate that she should join him.
4 A SIGN FOR (T) to be a sign for something; represent: The symbols indicate different groups of sounds.
5 IN A CAR (I, T) BrE to show the direction in which you intend to turn in a vehicle, using lights or your hands; signal: Don't forget to indicate before you pull out.
6 TREATMENT be indicated formal if a particular kind of treatment is indicated, the need for it is shown
indication /"Indi'keISn/ noun (C, U) a sign that something is probably happening or that something is probably true (+ of): He gave no indication of his own feelings at all. (+ that): a clear indication that they were in financial difficulty | every indication (=very clear signs): The two leaders greeted each other with every indication of good feeling.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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